Gambling in QuebecGambling in Quebec

Gambling in Quebec city is legal both in land casino games and in online casino. There are some online casino which ensure the security online gambling. They are popular among Canadians.

Sports gambling in Quebec

Casinos are situated on all Canadian area. There are land casinos and online casinos, horse-race, private and public lottery. Quebec gambling online has no such a limitation as other provinces. Here you can play in different video games machines, poker, roulette, blackjack, lotto and others.

Online gambling was legalized in 2009. Players may choose local and foreign online casinos with different video slots machines. Some online casinos with real bets are prohibited, but all free video slots games can be played. There is only one reason to limit the online casino. The Internet provider can do it if the video slot is marked as venturesome.

Quebec gambling online in nowdays

In 2016 there were 10448 gambling houses in Quebec. They offer:

  • video slots;
  • table games (blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat);
  • lotto, Bingo.

Quebec gambling age is 18. So 18 years old guests are welcome here. In other provinces the age limit is 19. Gambling is regulated with both locals and federals laws.

Quebec in a tax free zone for gambling fans. The player shouldn’t pay a tax for a win. Especially if you are the tourist. This rule doesn’t work for professional gamblers.

Gambling is the main feature, attracting tourists here. That’s why the Quebec government offers new laws for players safeness regularly.

Online gambling

The online casino situation is not the same. Online gambling was legalized in 2009. But before this permission was accepted, playing in online casino didn’t carry any penalty. Canadians played on line video slots because it wasn’t an illegal enterprise according to the local legislation.

Today on line gambling in Quebec is presented with on line casinos with wide assortment of video slots, on line lotto, online poker clubs. The biggest casinos are:

  • BCLC;
  • Atlantic Lottery;
  • Loto Quebec.

Canadian Gambling Commission regulates not only Quebec gambling but other provinces too. Since 2015 Gambling Commission is compelling gambling on line operators to gain a license. If the gambling on line operator hasn’t any necessary docs and license, his web site will be blocked. Also he should pay 200 000 USD as a fine. By the way all online operators should gain a new license. The new license cost is unknown. The government tries to earn some money for state budget in such a way.

But some experts forecast that all online operators will go underground or will end their activity in Quebec.

Some facts about Quebec

Quebec is  its second-largest administrative division in Canada and the second-most populous province. Montreal is the biggest city and Quebec is a so named capital. The federal constitution rules the political rights. The Quebec government can consolidate laws in different spheres including right of property, education, public health and justice.

The legal system main feature is duality. It has both Germanic and Anglo-american legal system rules. It named bijuralism.

Bijuralism provides safeness of  individuals rights and all equality of rights in using juridical system.

Quebec economy prospers thanks for well-coordinated work of governments subdivisions: the Ministry of Economic Development, Сommissioners of Inland Revenue and Ministry of Finance.

Quebec online casinos

As it said online gambling was legalized in Quebec. So players shouldn’t worry deposits by Visa or Mastercard may be blocked or denied by Quebec bank. Users can play different video slots both on PC and on mobile gadgets. Competition is high, so there are a lot of stocks and drawn games for tourist and for natives. All online casinos works with several currencies:

  • USD;
  • CAD;
  • EUR;
  • CHF.

All online casino use credits cards and electronic currency. Besides they offer deposits as a bonus for any fresher. So the user can play for free before playing for money.

By the way, in September 2016 official establishment tried to ban online gambling. But the federal government was against.

The range of video slots

On line casinos in Quebec offer different kinds of video slots machines. There are 3 types of them:

  • with 3 reels;
  • with 5 reels;
  • with 7 reels.

In landed casino 3 reels slots are not very popular. But in online casino this kind of slot machine is well-known. Users like the player-friendly gameplay and simply rules. Usually 3 reels slots are popular among newcomers and old-fashioned users. 5 reels slots are popular for simple gameplay and interesting rules. Here are a lot of bonus games rounds, special symbols. 5 reels slots machines offer different themed gameplays, from gothic vampires to pretty pink clouds with winged pony.

In Quebec all 5 reels video slots are with progressive jackpot. So the user can win a real big money.

7 reels video slots are an innovation in video game machine market. It offers 3d graphics with simple rules of gameplay. They have no any special symbols. It is like classic slots machine.

In all online casino users can play both for real money and for free. The last one is chosen by newcomers. Also, it’s comfortable for newcomers to try a new video slot machine.

Quebec popular videos slots machines

There are some most popular Quebec videos slots machines:

  • Deal or no Deal Express has 20 paylines, 3 progressive jackpots and 3 bonus rounds;
  • Pixies of the Forest offers 33 paylines and some bonus games;
  • Bejeweled 2 Slots has 20 paylines and some bonus game rounds;
  • Pirates et Butins has 20 paylines, some bonus rounds, progressive jackpot;
  • Da Vinchi Diamonds – 20 paylines,Tumbling Reels feature;
  • Cleopatra has 20 paylines and some special symbols;
  • Sherlock Holmes offers 20 paylines, bonus features and free spins;
  • Pamplona – 5 bonus rounds and 1024 paylines;
  • Black King – 30 paylines, some additional options, special symbols;
  • Quick Hit Platinum – 30 paylines, special bonus rounds.

You can play video slots machines on PC and on mobile gadgets. Canadian online casinos offer different video slots for mobile platforms for free.

Quebec gambling operators

Quebec gambling statistics shows 3 main gambling operators:

  • BCLC;
  • Atlantic Lottery;
  • Loto Quebec.


BCLC offers blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, baccarat, video slots machines, horse-race and lotto. New slots and games appear here every year. Online casino delivers some incomes to a charity. Besides playing users can read a lot of necessary information about gambling problem in Quebec. BCLC tries to support the gambling culture.

Atlantic Lottery

Atlantic Lottery have been working since 1976. It was created by governments of 4 provinces. Besides lottos and craps there are a lot of information about gambling addiction in Quebec. Also,Atlantic Lottery created a special codex for visitors to avoid the addiction.

Loto Quebec

This online casino was created by Quebec government. There are a lot of lottos here, gambling news, video slots machines and articles about gambling.

Monreal – the best Quebec casino

Monreal is one of the largest and most famous casino in Quebec. It’s located on the Notre Dame Island in Montreal, Quebec. It opened on October 9, 1993. The casino is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to patrons aged 18 and older.

170 000 tourists visit it every day. The enter is free both for natives and for tourists. Parking is also free.

Real big win you can get taking part in poker tournament. There are also more than 3000 video slots machines. Besides you can play classic table games: different kinds of poker, lotto, craps and so on. There are over 115 game tables here.

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