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American Express Company, also known under short names AmeEx and Amex payment system, has been existing in the United States since 1850. Then, it provided services for delivering cargo with average and higher value. 1891 was marked by the appearance of traveler’s checks, and this company can take credit for that. Their advantage lies in the rapid recovery in the case of damage or loss.

The company is engaged in these services today but added to them payment and credit cards. It happened in 1958 – the first owner of the credit card became Elvis Presley. Already a year later, Amex offered its customers plastic cards instead of cardboard. On the basis of cards, the company has established payment system which was one of the first. It is used by players around the world bringing the company to the leading positions on the relevant market.

Features of the company

The company is headquartered in New York, its common stock is sold there as well. The firm is the employer noted in some statistics and rankings. Working conditions of employees who are granted free access to the club and fitness center are notable as well. American Express is actively involved in many campaigns, it supports a variety of movements and is the sponsor of some charitable programs.

Services of Amex are provided to the residents of more than 150 countries through cooperation with companies and brands from various industries. Amex main course is focused on providing its customers with comfortable conditions for travel. They expressed this in many programs linked to certain credit cards. They vary by activity types of American Express partners. For example, it may be a service provider in the field of communications or a famous airline company. Some cards are issued in packages, it makes their use easier. Issuing credit cards takes different time, it all depends on the type. It depends on the range of services, its diversity or vice versa, narrow specialization. There is division by external features as well, similar to American Express Design Card.

Payments for gambling

Amex credit cards are accepted by most online casinos and you can use them not only from a personal computer but also from your smartphone. To make a deposit, gamers need to enter the data of several kinds:

  • name;
  • card number;
  • card expiry date;
  • protective three-digit code.

All specified information is encrypted during payment processing that eliminates the chances of data leakage to third parties. Therefore, security of transaction operations allows the company to maintain high standards of absolute protection of any process. Adding money to accounts at an online casino is regarded by the system as usual payment for goods, it will be displayed on your bank statement.

Cards with a higher limit or with special features allow you to deposit a larger amount of money, which is quite logical. The maximum bet on standard cards can be limited. American Express is the most common among the inhabitants of countries where the US dollar is used, so a deposit is made in this currency in USA Amex the most often.

As well as depositing, withdrawing of winning will not require a long wait, all transactions are carried out in a short time. However, when paying out players, some casinos may require him to fill in some forms with personal data. In this case, a procedure speed depends directly on the user.

Visitors of some casinos on the Internet note the lack of opportunity for casino winners to withdraw money to bank or wallet via Amex card, though it’s a rare case. What is interesting, it often occurs in casinos where depositing funds with these cards is permitted. In this case, it is necessary to use a different payment system.

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