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The United States strictly controls operations that banks and payment systems are allowed to perform. Therefore, depositing money in online casinos quite often becomes impossible for users of credit or debit cards and electronic wallets. For these players, there are cards and EZ vouchers payment system prepaid to make a deposit in a virtual casino.

A popular service is the provision of such services is Paste and Pay, available primarily for gamers from American continents and some countries of Western Europe. The system allows purchasing vouchers using a real credit card and then use them to pay online. In this way, you can not only deposit funds in a casino but also pay on ordinary web resources and shopping sites.

Process of using

Let’s review EZ voucher payment system. Many sites allow making a deposit using vouchers. Cash certificates replenish accounts by the same amount that they indicate, which means they are prepaid and disposable. The main condition is to match the maximum and minimum amount of funds required by a casino. If the voucher contains more or less money than the specified limits, the operation will not be carried out.

Paste and Pay is a relatively simple system for registration. First of all, you should fill out a short form on the website, as well as verify your identity via mobile phone number and passport. A specified phone number will receive an SMS with a code to be entered to confirm the registration.

After that, you need to link your account to a bank card. Here, you need to make the right choice, as exactly registered card will pay for all vouchers. Required data include standard card number, expiration date and security code.

Upon successful completion of all the steps, EZ vouchers for casinos are available for purchase. The site contains a variety of standard certificates and gift vouchers. There is a possibility to create your own if offered amounts of money are not satisfying for the user.

After purchasing a voucher, linked to the account phone number receives 36-digit PIN, which will be further used on an online gambling website. There, you should choose from the menu a deposit button “PasteandPay” or “EZ Voucher” which are the same and is never present in two copies at once, so it is impossible to make a mistake. In the form, that is unique on each site, you need to enter the voucher code and the amount it pays. After this, no additional actions are required, casino account will be instantly replenished.


The main purpose of Paste and Pay service is to provide opportunities to spend time with thrills to people who cannot afford it due to limitations on financial transactions. They are usually set by:

  • banks;
  • payment systems;
  • e-wallets.

Therefore, vouchers have nothing to do with anything of the above, make it easy to make deposits on virtual gambling sites.

The use of this certificate of money does not require any additional costs or fees. All transaction costs are paid by a casino or other seller, depending on where the payment is carried out.

It is necessary to be careful with the purchased voucher because losing it means losing the entire sum of money, as the certificate is non-refundable and non-returnable. This can deter users, as well as a few registration steps that require some time. However, the speed and convenience of the rest of the process make one wonder about the appropriateness of using credit cards.

Information provided by players in the system Paste and Pay is completely confidential which corresponds to current safety standards. Another feature of vouchers is an indirect effect on the extravagance of the player because he cannot spend more money than he paid.

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