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In any LavaPay review, you can find that it was created quite recently in 2013. However, the service is already quite popular on various sites, starting with online casinos and ending with toy stores. This is explained by profitable affiliate programs, which can include:

  • electronic currency exchange;
  • virtual shops;
  • bloggers and owners of forums;
  • software developers.

There are partnerships with international companies, as well as with companies from different countries that have their own resource on the Internet. The benefits of the cooperation are the interest, which is credited to participants for cash transactions performed by involved customers.

LavaPay team has three own offices in Shanghai, Moscow and London, as well as around the clock support service that allows asking questions in any convenient way. The company provides for the use plastic and virtual cards from, Visa Virtual and MasterCard Plastic. The first card can even be anonymous, but it is served by more stringent rules. For example, its expiry date is only two months and the maximum funds that can be kept on a card are equal to $ 200 or RUB 15000.

Other types of cards have no restrictions on the balance and can be used for three years. In this case, three currencies instead of those two are available. The US dollar is in use, but the ruble is replaced by the pound sterling and the euro. In addition, accounts of verified cards can be replenished without paying a separate fee.

Service and accounts

Website LavaPay is available in five different languages and involves the creation of an account in the system. Accounts are of two types – personal and corporate. The differences between them are generally associated with fees. Receiving money requires no extra charge, but to send money through a personal account, a customer needs to pay 0.25%. Many activities in the account require fixed fees in euros. A corporate account is usually characterized by payments higher about two times.

Withdrawals from a personal or corporate account to bank accounts and payment systems are identical. However, in the first case, the fee for Lavapay withdrawal of money will be different. We are talking about any of the international banks. Transferring money there from a personal account costs additional 1.9%, from a corporate – 1%. A transfer to a local bank or any card costs the same – 0-0.3%. Money transfers to electronic wallets also have a lower threshold of 0 %, and the maximum value is 2.9%.

By the way, a Lavapay withdrawal of money from a personal account has a limit of 1,000 euros for anonymous use. With the complete verification, personal accounts have a maximum limit of 100 thousand euros, corporate accounts are not limited. It is necessary to know about one restriction for individual accounts. Here, payments for high-risk projects, which include deposits at online casinos, are not available.

We should mention one more thing about LavaPay service rules. It mentions the right of the issuer to refuse service to individuals or entities without indicating the reason. Usually, this is accompanied by blocking the account along with all the funds. In this sense, you should be careful.

LavaPay in casinos

However, depositing money on the virtual gambling websites via LavaPay system is still possible. After all, using the service does not involve compulsory registration. The organisation can help to transfer between your card or electronic wallet and a casino. An advantage is a large number of currencies with which the system works, so depositing money can be done almost in any online casino.

The card of any bank can be served by the service, involving a high level of data protection. You are to fill a special form on a casino with usual information: card number, expiration date, the name of the owner and the security code. Money transfer is instant in this case.

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