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iPhone – is a Smartphone from the Apple Company, which enjoys the reputation as one of the most popular and demanded devices. According to the official statistics, the American manufacturer in the last years firmly holds the second place in terms of sales on the world market, second only to Samsung. Considering the figures presented by the developers of the gaming software, specially adapt the mobile slot games for iPhone.

Basic features of slot machine

The distinctive characteristic of “apple” devices is a special operating system – iOS. Developed directly for Apple, it is an integral part of all its gadgets: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch last version.

The presented system is not capable of accepting the application by using the flash. Apple essentially does not support this technology, considering it outdated and overly “heavy”. As a result, iPhone allows you to run slot machines exclusively using the html5 code.

In terms of functionality, the slot machine iOS is almost indistinguishable from the browser versions, including the flash format. Identical symbols, similar functions, and the control panel – the users are unlikely to see a global difference.

The visual design is somewhat different. The increased size of the drums, the reduced display settings, and the minimum number of keys and the lack of animation effects – are particularly noticeable at first glance.

But such a solution can reduce the “weight” of the free slot games for iPhone and ensure the performance of their work. Furthermore, the slots can receive a horizontal and vertical format. The rotation is made automatically by changing the position of the device in the hands of the user.

How to play

Due to the active dissemination of the HTML5 technology, the owners of the “apple” gadgets have the opportunity to play on the slot machines in the browser versions. The modern software manufacturers provide a full mobile casino platform based on the submitted code.

This solution eliminates the need for downloads. For the players is enough to know the exact address of the mobile online places to obtain access to the slot machines with the iPhone. You can bookmark the page of the casino or take a picture and save it on your phone on a special barcode.

Among the advantages of playing the slot machine iPhone games, the players point:

  1. No need for downloading. This solution reduces the risk of “virus disease” for the device and does not require large amounts of memory. In addition, the inexperienced users are spared from having to deal with the peculiarities of installation;
  2. The opportunity to play for money in the slot machines with the iPhone. The licensed casinos provide access to make the rates. For user convenience, it is offer a wide choice of payment methods, including credit cards and European electronic systems. The betting limits vary on the level of the indicators of the flash-version: $1- $500 on the slots machine, $0.01 to $10 on the line in the slots.

The registration process is possible directly via PC. The players say that filling even the short form is more convenient on your computer. Later, you can use your Smartphone to enter the casino.

How to download the game machines on the iPhone App Store

The downloadable versions of slots have certain advantages. In particular, they provide seamless access to devices, even in the absence of the Internet. However, in the latter case is only for the free entertainment.

The easiest way to download an application with the video slot machines on the iPhone – is using the service App Store, is a kind of combination of the store and the “storage” of various entertainment. The visitors can get the free software or purchase the applications. In either variant, the software loading process is straightforward.

To move the slot game from the App Store to the iPhone will require the Apple iTunes branded software and the device itself. We carry out a few simple steps:

  • Run the PC and go to the App Store;
  • Choose the model of the free slot games for iPhone;
  • Click on the icon in the window that appears, and specify “Save”.

The download of the file starts on your computer. By default, the file will be in the “Mobile Applications” folder in the Users – “User Name” – “Music” – “iTunes” – “iTunes Media”.

Upon the completion of the download connect your computer to the iPhone. The iTunes Store section of the program will run. In the left menu, select the icon of the gaming machine and press the command “Install”.

How to download from the thematic portal

Officially, Apple prohibits downloading the applications from third-party resources. But skillful gamers have learned to circumvent this obstacle themselves and taught others.

We go to the appropriate section of the portal ‘Download free slot games for iPhone (iOS). Select the desired model of slot machine iPhone. The extension, ipa helps to distinguish files intended for the Apple gadgets.

The users can save the software directly on the Smartphone. After connecting it to the PC:

  1. Click with the mouse on the file (1 or 2 times depending on the user settings);
  2. Select “Save” in the dialog box;
  3. At the end of the process click on the downloaded file and add it to your iTunes library;
  4. Go to “Applications”;
  5. Set the tick on the icon slot “;
  6. Click on the “Sync”.

The further process is automatic. The game is unpacked to the player; the label is located on the last page of the catalog. Now you can simply click on the icon of the best slot machine iPhone and play on your Smartphone in your favorite slots.

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