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Slot machines form a large part of the package of casino games that are available for download on mobile devices. Here we will talk about slots for Android. Slots for Android generally differ from browser-based versions by the following characteristics:

  • simplified interface;
  • tuned for touch screens;
  • developed in a special programming language for mobile platforms.

Slot machines in Google Play

Here is a small overview of mobile casinos that are published in Google Play store. The list is far from complete: in addition to those listed, there are many different clients. Also, it is not limited to one store for Android. All major gambling services offer mobile versions of their games. They can be downloaded from the website of a casino.

  1. Players Paradise Casino Slots – more than twenty games. All the different threads all have any bonuses;
  2. Samurai Casino – pack of slots with oriental motifs: samurais, beauties, and golden dragons. Together with slot machines, the client has video poker and blackjack;
  3. Slots –  Magic Wonderland – basic slots are devoted to Alice in Wonderland, but there are other subjects. The package contains more than 40 slots in total. The player can continuously receive free bonuses and can offline;
  4. Titan Slots – several themed slots devoted to ancient mythology. The player receives bonus coins every hour. It’s possible to play offline;
  5. Wizard of Oz Slots – slots, united by the theme of the Emerald City. They will unlock in the process of gambling. Playing offline is available;
  6. Zeus Slots – just two slots dedicated to Zeus and Aphrodite, but high quality. The package still hasvideo poker and blackjack. Free bonuses arrive every two hours.

After downloading selected application, you need to click on the client’s file and install it. The app gives the player hints about what to do. Installed casino icon is shown on the mobile device screen. Clicking opens a list of games and slots.

Play for free or for money

Time flies when you are playing slot machines, and so do finances. Control your costs. It is wise to contribute in a game a limited amount of money, as well as to determine the time of gaming sessions.

Picking slot games for money, consider its parameters:

  • volatility or variance (it means how often you will receive winnings and how much time will pass between them);
  • return to player percentage (modern video slots usually have not less than 94%. That is, the player gets 94 coins for each 100 spent.);
  • Whether it is progressive video slot or another type. It’s a matter of preference. Progressive slots give a chance to win many thousands and even multi-million dollar jackpots. Video slots with bonus interactive games have interesting gameplay.

All this information is available on special information sites that host casino reviews and gaming machines. Carefully read articles and opinions of other players. A good review is one where pros and cons of a casino or a particular video slot are indicated. If there is too much praise, it can be written to order, which means, that it shows the reality not quite faithfully.

Bonus of slot machines for Android

Pay attention to whether casino bonuses are noted in an overview. The vast majority of mobile casino bonuses are made up to attract customers. There are certain nuances.

Firstly, these promotions are wagered on certain conditions and a review indicates its size. Second, there are three types of deposit bonus: first deposit bonus, deposit bonus and no deposit bonus. This can be credits, coins, real money, free spins.

Google Play Policy forces manufacturers to distribute free-to-play versions of emulators. Therefore, mobile casinos have quite a lot free bonuses. All this is noted in articles on information portals.

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