Slots Machines on SmartwatchSlot machines on Smartwatch

The quick development of digital technologies opens up more space for all the gambling developers. The shift from real games to the virtual ones, mobile versions of slots and, as a result of the technology evolution, the ability to play on watches. Of course, watches are not ordinary ones and they are called Smartwatches. Find out what is slots on Smartwatch.

Nowadays models of smart watches are working on the operating systems Android Wear and Tizen. That allows to install applications on them and use a modified functional of smartphone. They also have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. Almost all the leading manufacturers of mobile technology – Apple, BlackBerry, Google, LG, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony are working on the creation of this kind of devices. Find out about various available Platforms for playing slot games on our website.

Almost all devices work together with a smartphone that allows transferring data, running applications and making calls. They can be used as a compact version of smartphone with minimal sacrifice of functions. The only and obvious disadvantage of watches is the small size of the touch screen.

The mini size does not allow using the display as in smartphones or tablets, that’s why most of the applications and programs are activated by voice command. Although there are exceptions, for example, in Apple Watch assistant Siri is called by pressing the scroll wheel on the side of watch. The available services vary depending on the creator, but in many ways they are similar in technical limitations – the lack of touch screen keyboard, browser and so on.

However, Smartwatch evolution does not stop. Today, many models of devices can install and run games, use watches instead of the fitness tracker and make usual calls. Despite the small size of the display (Apple Watch – 1,32–1,5 inches; Samsung Gear 2 –1.63 inches) developers improve the interaction between mobile and table units in order to increase Smartwatch working efficiency and ensure user’s comfort.

Are there slots on Smartwatch

At this moment, gambling industry is just mastering this platform which becomes much popular. Among the developers who have released updated versions of their online slots is only one – Microgaming. Players all over the world can play the bestsellers The Dark Knight Rises and Thunderstruck.

Slot The Dark Knight Rises offers users to turn 5 reels and collect combinations on 243 lines. The theoretical percentage of return to the player is 96.43%, and the maximum prize is 89 thousand coins. As a thematic basis is used the history of Batman – a super hero from the universe of DC Comics. You can get free-spins and wild and scatter symbols will help in the collection of chains. For more games and information on DC Comics visit the corresponding page of our site.

Thunderstruck slot offers to collect awards on 9 lines and 5 drums. Despite the small number of prize lines the players can get wild symbol, scatter, free spins and even risk game.

Version of these games for smart watches requires registration (for games on real money) from your phone or computer and synchronizing data to continue playing on other device.

How to play slots on Smartwatch

Due to the size of smart watches, their screen rarely exceeds 4-5 centimeters diagonally, you can forget about usual interaction. Online slots design is specially modified taking into consideration the screen features and, as a rule, it is impossible to see most of the details. That’s why in the same field are placed drums and Spin/Play buttons, and all additional information is opened after scrolling.

The most comfortable way to interact will be the downloading of the selected online slot from a mobile device or computer to Smartwatch, and then run it. Most of today’s online establishments support cross-platform data transfer, so while your device is connected to the Internet – all data is processed and saved on them.

It is quite likely that for online slots comfortable playing on smart watches you will need a special stylus for tablets or smartphones with touch screen. You need to choose it taking into consideration the manufacturer of your smart watch in order not to damage the display or device. The stylus will help to improve the accuracy of pressing the right buttons during the game, and reduce the possibility of closing the application instead of activating the drums.

Available games on Smartwatch

Despite the fact that there are not so many online slots transferred to smart watches, the situation with other games is much better. Developers are trying to minimize the number of active elements on the screen, reducing player’s actions to the pressing of two buttons located at the corners. This increases pressing accuracy and makes it comfortable to interact with the app.

For example, Birdie Wear is a clone of the popular mobile app Flappy Bird. The player must guide the bird between the different obstacles collecting bonus points and setting records. The longer bird avoids collisions with walls and trumpets – the higher is the total reward in points.

There are quite a lot of puzzle games, where you don’t need to touch the screen. Among them is Swirl Attack, in which you have to turn the colourful circle so that ball flies in its color. For this game Swirl Attack it will be very convenient to use the stylus.

Fans of arcade shooters will like the classic game Invaders from BetSoft developer where player needs to shoot down alien ships. They are located in several rows and in order to shoot the invaders cruisers gamblers firstly have to deal with the infantry. Special bonuses and quick reaction will help to do this.

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