Free Slot Machine - Under the Bed


Under the Bed slot machine

The free slot machine Under the Bed – is online slot to play from Betsoft company, are made in the category of children’s horror. The game offers 5 reels and 30 lines, which provide good chances for a winning combination. The presence of special and wild symbols, as well as bonus game, increases the chance a few times.

How to play in free slot machine – Under the Bed

This slot video is a game with an intuitive interface, thoughtful menu, a well-built high-quality game mechanics and graphics component.

The total bet in the game is set with the game parameters such as the rate on the line, the number of lines, and the multiplier coefficients of the rate.

The bet per line in the online slot «Under the Bed» is set with the buttons “-” and “+” in the menu «Bet per line». This parameter has a direct impact on the winning sums for the prize combination.

The “Paylines” button determinates the number of lines using the arrows “-” and “+”. Depending on the number of lines, the chances of a winning combination reduced or increased, as well as the number of credits, spent for the spin.

The multiplier coefficients of the rate are set using the arrows “-” and “+” in the menu «Choose coin». This option does not affect the game mechanics; it is the indicator of the game balance. Depending on the setting of this parameter changes the scale of the amount of the game currency.

Pressing the «Max bet spin» button runs one spin at the maximum configured parameters of the total bet. The minimum total bet in the game is 1 credit. The maximum is up to 150 credits.

The button «Autoplay» activates the auto-play mode. After pressing the button is displayed the «Autoplay Settings» menu with the possibility manually adjusts the number of automatic spins.

The button «Double Up» activates the risk game every time you win, in which the player must guess whether the dice will fall in the range of numbers that is shown or not. Depending on this choice, the player doubles his winnings or loses it.

In the upper right corner of the slot game interface are located the «Options» button and the «View Pays». The «Options» button – is an optional menu with customizable graphics and acoustic effects, as well as the acceleration of the process of the game mechanics. The «View Pays» button – is a help menu, which contains a summary of the rules of the game, the table of the coefficients for each character and the rules of the bonus game.

Symbols on the device «Under the Bed»

In this game are standard symbols, in the form of the monsters and people associated with the theme of children’s horror. The cheapest symbol in the free slot online is considered a “window” which brings winnings of 5, 10 and 25 credits, when 3, 4 and 5 symbols fall respectively. The most expensive symbol in the game is the “Girl”, which gives a payout of 125, 250 and 500 credits.

The special characters in the free online casino game are the images in form of the bed. When 3 or more, special symbols appear anywhere on the reels, they launch the bonus game with valuable prizes.

In this free slot game are also “wild” symbols. They get activate on the playfield when a winning combination consisting of any characters of the “Monsters”, which are in a special frame, fall. Then one of the characters of the winning combination is transformed into the “wild” symbol with a random number from 1 to 5. This number is an indicator of the number of spins, where the “wild” symbol will be fixed on the playfield.

The bonus symbol on the online slot is a “door” when it fall on the center drum activates the bonus game with free spins

Bonus game with the bed

This game is activated when 3 or more special characters fall on the reels. It consists of the choice of two positions, each of which brings a certain number of credits.

Bonus game with free spins

This game activated when the bonus character falls in the center of the playfield. During the round, it moves to another location when the free spins start automatic. When the bonus game is finished, all winnings are doubled and credited to the account.

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