Online Slot Machine - Burning Hot


Burning Hot slot machine

The slot machine Burning Hot from EGT is hold on five wheels. There are also available five active lines. Online slot machine is dedicated to fruit theme, classics of slot world. With every rotation of wheels, fruit want to jump into your hands and bring you good winning.

What to begin with – slot machine Burning Hot

Among the majority you should choose Buring Hot. Bright images beautify reels. Buttons also have different colors. Therefore, it is not easy to confuse one with the other. All symbols and pictures on the slot are clear and even stick in the memory.

There are a lot of ripe fruit with special features on five reels, which compose different profitable combinations.

Pay attention on seven basic pictures:

  • Tangerines;
  • Cherries;
  • Bunches of grapes;
  • Sevens;
  • Quarterfoil;
  • Icon of dollar.

How they fall depends on fortune. However, not least important is amount of bet. If you manage to win large hill of coins, you will certainly stay in good mood whole day long.

Look at the raw of buttons in bottom part of the playfield:

  • Credit;
  • Key with the meaning of “5”;
  • Key – “10”;
  • Key – “25”;
  • Key – “50”;
  • And key “100”.

From the very beginning you should set bet that would be suitable for you. Numbers that mean the amount of bet. Firstly push Credit button and then choose one of bet numbers, Credit sum equals to 50 thousand coins.

After the bet is selected, you have to decide: you rotate wheels by hand or you turn on automatic regime. It is much easier to rely on automation spins. Because gameplay process goes noticeably quicker and in addition active combinations appear sooner than in manual regime.

How to win a lot

You can get prize, when you catch such combinations:

  • Three in raw cherries, tangerines, grapes;
  • Three in raw dollar symbols or bells;
  • Icon “seven” and any fruit.

In the last case, depending on coincidence of prize fruit, winning gets larger two- threefold. Sloughing of coins happens because quarterfoil is Wild symbol. The more matches, the larger slot`s jackpot.

Scatter`s role, starter of free spins, implement symbols of dollar and bell. Combinations with bell become winning under the circumstances, when bells appear on first, third and fourth wheels. Dollar`s picture is active on any reel. It is necessary that three scatters fall. Then prize is doubled.

Maximum chance to win in slot game

The feature of fruit machine Buring hot is frequent jackpots as a result of numerous prize combinations. Wild symbol quarterfoil jumps as often as possible, especially in union with fruit.

Increase of a prize in several times happens even with the help of the only one quarterfoil. Just fancy, what happens when appear two or three items. In such moments you feel endless excitement of double and triple success.

The most proper way of playing is to play with bet “25”. Since slot machine offers frequent jackpots, you only win by placing bet, no fails.

It is better to choose automatic regime of gameplay. Minutes run quicker and you less worry waiting forward for results and huge winnings. Just after first or second spin, prize combinations are composed on the screen and make you happy. You will dance under the rain of coins.

Even if you are not very experienced slot gambler, don`t be shy in front of Burning Hot. Every spin makes you closer and closer to winning. One more turn and jackpots will spring out the reels and lines directly to your account.

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