Free Slot Machine - Flaming Hot


Flaming Hot slot machine

The game in the free slot machine Flaming Hot is carried on the five reels with forty winning lines. Pick the harvest the ripe fruits, combine special characters and numbers. The luck doesn’t sleep and bestow on anyone who spins the reels

With the bet, you will not miscalculate – slot machine Flaming Hot

On the screen of the fruit machine online is provided with buttons with numbers. They are the bets. You can increase the possible gain on 40; 80; 200; 400 and 800.

And also you are free to choose the mode of rotation of the drums. Selecting automatic play after the fixed rate, click on the right mouse button. And the drums will rotate themselves.

But do the spin by yourself is more delightful. You cannot describe in words the excitement, and the emotion, when you push the button with the rate. And is much more pleasant get a win at the manual game.

Symbols in the gambling slot machine

The fruit machine literally was created in order to win in it. Here absolutely all the characters in certain combinations win. And here in more detail.

If you have the combination of watermelon slices or bananas, you get a prize:

  • When three fruits in a row – 20 coins;
  • Four – 80;
  • Five – coins.

If you have the combination of cherries, apples, peaches or grape bunches:

  • When three – 8 coins;
  • Four – 40;
  • When five in a row – 100 coins.

But the most successful are special symbols “BAR” and “7”. If you have a certain number of «BAR», you win:

  • When three in a row – 4 coins;
  • Four symbols – 100;
  • Five – 300 coins.

When appearing a combination of seven you will surely win:

  • When two in a row 4 coins;
  • Three – 60;
  • Four – 200;
  • Five sevens in a row – 1 000 coins.

With the fruit machine games Flaming Hot you will not get bored. Know how to catch the combinations and get a reward. The chances to get lucky are incredibly high. Just two or three coincidences and the number of coins starts to grow.

Special symbols

Not only fruit characters bring good luck in the game. There is a place for the Wild symbol. The dollar is the wild symbol in this fruit machine reels. But appears only in the second, third and fourth lines.

If you catch three, four, five or more fruits, and among them a Wild symbol, wait for doubling the payout you won. But that’s not all. The game has a wonderful Scatter. This is also a symbol of the dollar. But it becomes scatter if the following combinations are formed:

  • Three symbols dollar in a row give 80 winning coins;
  • Four – 500;
  • Five – 20 000 coins.

As you can see, the symbol dollar is always winning wherever you look. The cases where symbol appears on the reels in a particular variant are so frequent that any player can pass for lucky one.

How to get a big payout in slot game

Now the most important of all we have said. After all, you don’t care about the prospect of winning, but in particular in the opportunity to win a lot of money.

If you are timid by nature, continue doing the minimum bet of the game. But those who like to take risks, this is against the grain.

The best rate is a value of 200. It seems to be not risky; the chance of losing all is small. But the probability to win a big payout in a favorable game is great.

More profitable is to put on 200, then on 400.

The probability of losing is too small. The chance to win a fabulous sum grows at times. Is not great to fill your balance with bunch of coins?!

Playing on the slot machines games Flaming Hot, such a dream is not difficult to realize. After all, with each spin, the game gets hotter.

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