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Forest Tale slot machine

The online slot machine Forest Tale from EGT Company is designed to the game with increase the rates. The combinations are played on five classical drums. The number of involved active lines is equal to 15.

The video slot is dedicated to the travel through the forest. Here you can find the brave hunter, ferocious wolf, an old lady, collecting berries. The cherished goal is to find a fabulous house and get a prize for this

Choosing the bet in slot machine Forest Tale

The device Forest Tale is developed as standard: the upper part is the playfield, at the bottom – the control panel. Through it, you can understand the features, and place the bets.

In the control panel on the center are located five buttons with numbers: 15, 30, 75, 150, and 300. They are the rates.

Is not possible to set multiple bets at one time, but in the course of the game, you will be able to select a value to each rotation of the drum.

When you want to stop the spin, press the same button. Also in the panel on the left side, there is a display. Here is displayed the level of the starting amount. At the beginning of the game, it is equal to 50 thousand coins.

In the process of wins or losses, this amount changes, when “empty” combination it is reduced. If there is a winning, it is automatically transferred to the general account.

There is a second window on the right side of the panel. There are displayed the winning sums.

So, to spin the reels, you need only select the bet and press the button with its value.

The ordinary opportunities

The slot game Forest Tale has nine ordinary images. The smallest, are the letter combinations that will bring you a little bit, from 5 to 150 coins. But in this case do not have to be upset, because the gambling slot machine provides a doubling of payouts upon the certain conditions.

The most successful combination of ordinary images:

  1. The hunter;
  2. The old lady;
  3. The wolf;
  4. The well;
  5. The wreath of daisies.

If exclusively fall the symbols of the Hunter or the old ladies, you can get:

  • Two coins for two pictures;
  • 20 coins for three pictures;
  • 100 coins for four pictures;
  • 500 coins for five identical pictures.

A bit less bring the icons of the Wolf, Well, or the wreath of daisies:

  • 10 coins for three pictures;
  • 50 coins for four pictures;
  • 200 coins for five identical pictures.

Perhaps, in this situation the play would not be very exciting, if not for the feature of the free slot game. Let’s talk about this more in detail.

The feature of the gambling machine

The slot machine Forest Tale is characterized by the fact that there is constantly taken into account the impact of the Wild symbol. Here it’s presented by a Female adventurer.

If she meets the hunter or the old lady, you get extra money in this case, apart from the winning combination, in addition, a profit from 4 to 1000 coins.

The same features you get if appear other combinations of images in the presence of a Wild symbol. Whatever the Girl did: braided a wreath of daisies, drank water from the well, saw the Wolf, all the combinations become profitable. An additional payout is in the range from 20 to 400 coins.

A combination of letters with the Wild symbol will add to the balance from 10 to 200 coins.

The symbol is profitable and by itself. She earns:

  • 10 coins, if fall two wild symbols;
  • 100 coins – if three;
  • 1 000 coins – if four;
  • 5 000 coins – if five images.

At the same time, your winnings are doubled.

The fairy tale does not end

A special place in the game Forest Tale takes the Scatter. He is represented by a picnic basket. You can easily get into the account:

  • from 750 to 3,000 coins if on the reels fall as many as five of his images;
  • from 150 to 750 coins – four;
  • 30 to 120 coins for three images.

But the tale does not end there. There is one more Scatter symbol, which is portrayed as a house of bricks with the inscription “Forest House”. When three images fall just on the 3, 4 and 5 lines, you get the opportunity to play the bonus game.

It consists in the fact that you need to choose from a couple of dozen picnic baskets a few for yourself. Each basket has its own bonus.

When you obtain a certain number of points, you are provided with a corresponding number of free spins. The winnings received during the drums rotations are doubled.

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