Free Slot Machine - Imperial Wars


Imperial Wars slot machine

The slot machine Imperial Wars was developed by EGT. The feature of the device is the possibility to choose small, medium and big bets.

The game is played on five classic reels. The number of existing active lines is 20.

The slot game is dedicated to the wars of conquest since the French Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte. Meet the charming Josephine, take part in the battles on the side of the great Emperor. Maybe you’ll know the secret of the success of the France in those days

The bets determine the course of the slot machine Imperial Wars

On the online slot Imperial Wars, you can choose whether to put on the little bet or on the big. There are rates from 20, 40, 100, 200 and 400 coins.

If you choose the minimum value, you will play as long as possible. Choosing a high-stakes, you will soon get the big jackpot.

The average rate in conjunction with the small or large you can develop your own strategy. Perhaps the game will be a long and devastating at the same time.

Before starting the game, in the game account is set 50 thousand coins. This is the initial amount. It is possible to burn it at the failed spins. It is also likely to increase the sum as all the winnings are automatically added on to it.

Track the change of the sum in the account is not difficult. It is displayed on the scoreboard on the left side of the playfield.

On the right side, there is another window. Here is displayed the current payout, resulting from a successful combination. You can simply look at the scoreboard after each scroll drums. There is no need to independently calculate the sum of wins.

To start the game, just select the button with the numeral reference of the current rate, and press it.

Successful rotation on the slot-machine

The winnings from the combinations on the free slot game Imperial Wars is reasonable to rank as average. Even such a trifle as letters and numbers, at the maximum values, generate a reward in the sum of 100 to 150 coins.

The most successful combinations that bring a solid payout in the game are four:

  1. Napoleon Bonaparte;
  2. Josephine;
  3. Warship;
  4. Military Corps.

The most generous is Napoleon. He can give:

  • 15 coins for three images;
  • 150 coins for four pictures;
  • 1 000 coins when five images.

Josephine too is a hospitable hostess. She gives when meeting:

  • 15 coins for three images;
  • 100 coins for four pictures;
  • 500 coins when five images.

The sea battle and journey on the true warship bring the profit:

  • 10 coins for three images;
  • 50 coins four;
  • 250 coins when five images.

For the participation in the combat as part of Infantry you will earn:

  • 10 coins for three images;
  • 50 coins four images;
  • 200 coins for five images.

But the playfield is not primitive. Often fall several successful combinations, plus special characters. Therefore, winnings are twice more than is specified here.

Increasing the winnings

In the slot machines for free play Imperial Wars there are a Wild symbol and a Scatter symbol. The first is the image of the Paris Arch of Freedom; the second character is wooden cart from a military convoy.

The Wild symbol multiplies the obtained winnings several times, depending on the number of images on the reels after the spin. And by itself it wins:

  • 25 coins for three images;
  • 200 coins at four;
  • 2 000 coins when five images.

All this money is added on to the win.

The Scatter – The cart is a little naughty in the game. It is only active on the first, second and third drums. Since two icons, it opens up the right to free spins.

Two carts give 3 free spin, three – 5 spins, and four or more – up to five spins. The free game with the free spins has its own feature.

On the playfield, on the first and third drums, all the cells are filled with the image of the Wild symbol. After each spin is counted the winnings with successful combinations considering the multiplication of this sum several times (taking into account the number of wild symbols).

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