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Lucky Buzz slot machine

It is quite strange, but you won`t hear buzz in this slot machine. Online slot machine Lucky Buzz differs from other slot machines by presence of various insects and letters. Rules here, as in a classical slot, don`t demand learning. Interface is intuitively understandable even for a child. Let`s discover it.

Upper-lower – examine interface – slot machine Lucky Buzz

Just one look at the screen rises your mood, amusing insects are perfectly animated, their cartoon appearance and playful behavior create the atmosphere of holiday. Slot machine is equipped with five reels and twenty active lines, which a participant of the process chooses himself. The more lines a player chooses, the higher bet he can place.

Top panel has four windows, which show, how quickly jackpot becomes larger and larger. If you want to see the details of the process of every sum`s increase, you can place the cursor to the individual window and find the scheme with different figures. Here are represented current numbers in every moment of time.

The basic screen`s space is occupied by the main console. Its sides there are indicators of lines` amount on both, pushing one of them a player is able not only make choice, but also he opens the graphic sketch that shows in what directions his winnings will be calculated.

Bottom panel is full of various buttons, let`s divide them according their meaning:

  1. Playing;
  2. Controlling;
  3. Informative.

Playing buttons are situated in the center, here we have a possibility to take credit and place bets, whose sum changes depending on selected amount of lines. Under them stays a window that shows how every winning is calculated.

Controlling buttons are situated at the bottom leftward, thanks to them a player can:

  • Turn off sound;
  • Make a window as large as you want;
  • Activate autoscrolling, choosing the amount of lines before.
  • There is informative button, pushing it a gamer sees how many winnings he gets for every insect and other prize symbols.

How to play

In free slot machine a players receives ten thousand irrevocable credit units from the very beginning, which he uses for bets.

In order to try your luck by activating gameplay, make three simple steps:

  1. On the side panel choose the amount of lines for calculating the combinations of symbols;
  2. Place your bet by pushing one of five buttons at the bottom center panel;
  3. Wait for the finish of wheels` rolling.

Everything is ready! If a rolling turns to be lucky, the indicator below will show, how much you have won. This sum automatically goes to basic account, shining on the bottom leftward – Balance. Now you are able to continue to place bets, before this active lines can be changed according to your wish.

Jackpot time and risk game

In some moment of time, when a player is making the wheels move, he is offered to play jackpot. When he agrees, in front of him appear cards, among which he has to select three of the same suit. Have you caught fortune? Winning jackpot runs to your account.

After great winnings of jackpots, a gamer is offered to double the sum by risk game. Its main task is to click the button on time, choosing the card of proper color. If you manage to collect cards of the same color, the sum of the last prize will be doubled.

Try your luck and take a risk with Lucky Buzz!

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