Free Slot Machine - Gems and the City


Gems and the City slot machine

This is a girlish casino game – theme of rich life and luxury is perfectly reflected by means of well-designed icons. Gems and the City slot machine offers thirty paying lines, five reels and bonus game for lucky gamblers who collects the sequence of profitable images. You can play it online using Internet browser or download a mobile client – almost all GamesOS games are well-compatible with your favorite gadgets. Launch it on your mobile and gamble favorite games whenever you are – in some of them even offline versions (no Internet connection required) are available for users.

Recommendations for users – how to play this game

An easy-to-use control table with knobs of comfortable size is an ungovernable superiority of Gems and the City slot. Even the user who plays slots for the first time will understand the functions of all keys, because each of them has an explanation of its usage written on the lever. Nevertheless, in this section we will describe them in brief:

  • In Paytable of casino slot machines you will find the coin equivalents of every symbol which is able to make a sequence. You will see which of them are the highest and lowest paying, and which are bonus and Scatter. Rules are also written there;
  • Autospins include from 5 to 1000 automatic rotations. Activate them and stop any time it is necessary. While these rolls are active, you don’t have to click any keys – the computer does it instead of you;
  • Bet One and Line Price are the most important keys for adjusting your bet. They allow to take control over the number of active stripes and wagers which are placed on every one of them. The available bet rate is 0,20-2, as for the lines, this quantity equals to 1-30;
  • Spin and Bet Max are starting engines. The difference is that by means of Spin regular round is activated, while Bet Max in free slot machine games for pc adjust highest stake and only after that the game is begun.

Sounding keys are present here – they are all concentrated in the left corner. Every accompanying sound can be turned on and off by a single click. There are three different kinds of sounds: music, background sounding and voice effects. You can mute them all simultaneously or switch on and off one or two of these options.

Values of icons and possible sequences

The symbols are related to the girlish theme – even the classic icons of cards look stylish and beautiful. Let’s review what images are included to the paytable of this game, how much do they cost and how many of them should be collected on the reels to form a beneficial combo.

  1. The lowest-paying position in casino slot machines games is occupied by the cards from 10 to A. These symbols pay from 2 to 150 chips (in case maximum combo is gathered);
  2. Then go pictures of girls. The cheapest award is brought by the image of a girl with brown hair on the green background. It pays 2-250 credits (from 2 to 5 pictures). The most expensive icon among these ones is the blonde on violet background awarding users with 20-5000 playing credits.

Bonus symbols and their denominations

There are three pictures which are called Bonus images. They are Wild symbol, Free Spins icon and Bonus card itself. The Wild substitutes icons in the playing chains in new casino slot machines as it always does, at the same time paying cash if it forms its proper combo. Scatter activates 5-15 prize games – rounds where you roll the drums and don’t pay for it. And if the luck’s on your side, then collected sequence of Bonus images triggers Jewelry Paradise feature – an option, where you get an excellent opportunity to hit the biggest available jackpot.

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