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Book of Ra 6 Deluxe slot machine

Free slot machine Book of Ra 6 Deluxe – is the latest version of the slot machine of the “Egyptian” collection Book of Ra, created by Greentube. The first model of the series managed to gain a cult status of casino game. Taking into account its popularity, the company developed a line of deluxe video slots software program for use in the online casino.

The main feature provided in the latest version of the Book of Ra became the non-standard design of the device, equipped with 6 reels. The gamer can decide how many reels 5 or 6; he wants to engage in the game.

How to play on free slot machine Book of Ra Deluxe 6

At first glance, it may seem that the presence of 6 drum does not change anything. The interface of the latest version of the machine is almost identical to other models. The only visible difference – is an additional key Extra Bet located in the upper part of the machine, just above the 6 drum, it allows you to enable or disable the effect of the additional wheel.

The other options are regulated by the usual keys, familiar to the admirers of Novomatic models:

  • Lines – to select the number of bands participating in the game. The device has 10 playing lines. This is the default number that is set when loading the free version of the machine. To change the parameters, use the arrows -/+. You can install from 1 to 10 lines without any conditions or restrictions;
  • Bet/Lines – to determine the size of the bet on the line. In the Book of Ra deluxe free play, the player can choose from 1 to 50 000 coins per line, using keys -/+.

The current indicators and settings are displayed, in the information windows:

  • Bet – the total bet. The window is located to the right of the Start button;
  • Credit – the current state of the balance. Is it located just below the first drum;
  • Last Win – the window under the sixth reel shows the size of the last win.

But! These settings conditions apply only to the game on 5 reels. The game on the 6 reels is only allowed on all 10 lines at the rate, not less than 2 coins. Accordingly, the minimum value of the rotation is 20 credits. And this is one of the most obvious, distinct differences.

How to start the video slot Book of Ra Deluxe 6

The activation of the device is performed in a conventional manner. To spin the reels use the keys:

  • Start – to make one turnover. The manual mode allows you to change the size of bets, the number of active lines in the course of game and provides the opportunity to participate in the risk round.

The same key is used for the “forced” stop of the reels if the gamer wants to increase the speed of the game or try to “catch” the desired combination. After a successful rotation, the same key gets the value Collect and helps credit the winnings into the account.

  • Automatic Start – to start the continuous rotations of the reels. This mode does not require constant monitoring but eliminates the possibility of the participation in the risk round. The Book of Ra 6 online does not allow establishing the exact number of the spins involved in the series of auto spin. To stop the auto mode a second click on the button is required.

Custom settings on the device Book of Ra Deluxe 6

With regard to the adjustment of technical parameters, there is also no change. 4 small buttons at the top of the interface are used to adapt the machine settings to the user preferences:

  • The “Notes” button – disables only the melody. The characteristic “tapping” is maintained;
  • The “Speaker” button – eliminates sound effects;
  • The “Double Arrow” key – “stretches” the image of the interface on width. This option is preferred for the mobile versions of slots;
  • The button with 4 arrows allows the full-screen mode of the one-armed bandit.

Book of Ra – the main symbol of the model 6 Deluxe

The symbolism of the latest version of “Egyptian” Book of Ra online free is preserved. There has been some improvement in the quality of the graphical displays. But these changes are visible only to experienced users. Directly the pictograms duplicate the images of all previous versions.

The main symbol of the game machine is the Book of Ra. Presented in a multifunctional format; it performs at once a few options:

  • Wild symbol – takes the value of the ordinary images, helping in the creation of the sequences;
  • Scatter – brings a win regardless of the place in the cells. In the device Book of Ra Deluxe 6, this symbol provides a cash award and the participation in the round of free spins. The value of the sequences ranges from 20 to 4000 credits.

Of the disadvantages can be noted the absence of payment when the scatter symbol falls the second time and a fixed number of bonus spins, independent of the number of characters in the combination.

Ordinary symbols in the machine Book of Ra Deluxe 6

The ordinary pictures can be divided into 2 main categories:

  • The “top” characters – are the themed images. The largest gains bring a ruler with the portrait of the adventurer Indiana Jones. 2 pictures with a “man in a hat” will already allow compensating the cost of the spin. The sequence of five symbols will give 5 thousand coins. The users who use the 6 reels have a chance to win 15 thousand credits.

The picture of the Pharaoh replenishes the balance from 5 to 5000 coins. The statuettes and the scarab will give 5-2000 credits. The combinations with thematic images are calculated when 2 symbols fall on the line.

  • The “Minor” characters – are the images of letters. The winning combination is considered at least from 3 images. The cost varies between 5-750 coins.

The presented amounts are subject to the minimum rate and the participation of 6 reels in the game.

Features of the payment calculations in slot machine Book of Ra Deluxe 6

It should be noted that the calculation of winnings, and most importantly the ratio of the rates and payments depends on the number of drums participating in the game. The advantage of the video slots from Novomatic is the availability of describing the size of the payments – direct in credits. Among the models is not necessary to deal with complex calculations. Adjusting the size of bets and the number of lines can be done when the paytable is open. Thanks to this, the users can immediately assess the ratio of the volume of deposits and coefficient of return.

So, once again let’s look at PayTable section. Try turning off the drum 6. You will see that the value of the rotation with the participation of all the lines and the minimum bet is 10 coins. The size of the payoff for the “minor” characters is 5 credits. In other words, even the smallest combination will compensate half of the credits betting on the round. The higher gain reaches 5,000 credits.

When the 6 drum is activated, the maximum payout instantly grows. In this variant, the lucky player can get more than 15 thousand credits. At the same time, the bet increases on 20 coins. The payment for other combinations is kept on the same level. In other words, the minimum sequence compensates only ¼ of the total bet.

The Greentube Company claims that in the machine Book of Ra 6 free is maintained a usual to the line models coefficient of return about 95%. However, the testing showed an increase of volatility in the unit, compared to the conventional 5 reels «Egyptian» models. It gives winnings not too often, but on a large scale.

Free spins

How to win on the slot machine Book of Ra Deluxe 6, taking into account the mentioned features?

The secret of casino game is simple. The main goal of the player – catches the scatter combination.

As was mentioned, when 3 or more pictures of Book of Ra fall they activate the round of free spins. The user receives 10 spins with an additional special symbol.

Before starting the game, on the screen is displayed the image of the legendary Book of Ra. Turning the pages with the symbols of the slot, the machine will stop randomly on one of them. The open picture acquires the power of scatter -stacked icon.

During the free spins, the selected image has the ability to “extend” on the entire length on the vertical. The calculation of payments is not tied to the location of the pictures in the cells, but to their number. It is important the appearance of at least 3 characters in any place on the active line. Under this condition, the icon will “expand” creating additional sequences.

There is another secret in the slot machines Book of Ra 6 Deluxe with free spins. If during the main game the users expect that the expensive character will fall, as an additional special symbol in the free spins round is preferred the image of the letters. They fall often on the line and, accordingly, actively forming sequences.

Risk Game

However, it is possible to increase all payments received during the base game. The option “Doubling” is specially designed for this purpose. After every successful rotation, the user can click the Gamble button and go to the additional mode.

What are the features of the risk game? On the screen appears a face down card. The player’s task – is to guess its color.

The correct decision multiplies the payout per spin x2. There is the opportunity to continue the round. With some luck, the players can very significantly increase the winnings. The stipulated limit by the rules of the slot machine Book of Ra 6 Deluxe – is 5000 coins at the minimum rate.

Do not forget about the risk component. One wrong decision and the user will lose the credits received not only during the participation in the risk-round but in general for a spin.

Guided by the experienced players’ recommendations, we can advise participating in the risk game, only when small combinations fall. The payment for the sequences of three symbols of letters, we recall, is unable to compensate even the costs of the spin. The loss of these funds is an insignificant impact on the total balance but 2 or 3 lucky guesses help to recover the payment for the stake. Importantly, do not get too carried away.

Is better “keep” the large winnings. Is it worth risking the money, able to cover the cost of several rotations? It is unlikely that such a style of game can be categorized as a winning strategy.

Effective strategy of the game Book of Ra Deluxe 6

In addition, the experienced users recommend the resort to special techniques that help, in their opinion, to win on casino games. The most modern techniques are based on the principle of adjusting the size of bets during the game. Taking into the account the high dispersion of the device Book of Ra 6 Deluxe, such options should be treated with caution.

In this case, you are unlikely to fit the system, the Martingale format or the Umbrella, are based on the terms of increasing the rates. According to the testers’ calculations in the version 6 Deluxe the scatter combination falls once on the average of 2-3 hundreds of spins.

In other words, for the users planning the strategy to increase the rates, we can recommend the following options:

  • The preliminary completion of 150-200 spins on 6 reels with the minimum bets and only then increase the value of the rotation until the activation of free spins;
  • Execute 150-200 spin on 5 reels with a minimum rate with a further increase the rate per spin.

In both cases, correctly calculate the ratio of the bankroll and the total amount of investments required to carry at least 400-500 spins. There are numerous other techniques that allow beating the slot machine according to the users’ opinions. You can see a detailed list, in the section Strategies.

Certainly, none of the methods is no a 100% guarantee of winning. The Book of Ra 6 Deluxe model, as well as other gaming machines, acts on the basis of a random number generator. This means that:

  • The Scatter combinations can appear with a greater frequency and more than once. But this option is classified as successful developments. It will get good wins at the minimum rates;
  • The Scatter combination does not fall at all. In this situation, there is a possibility of a complete zeroing of the account.

That’s why experts recommend to be guided by the rules of responsible gaming and allocate for the entertainment a clearly fixed amount. With this approach, the loss will not cause serious harm to the budget, and will only serve to pay for good entertainment.

Free casino games

There is also a more secure, but not less exciting option; the visitors of our portal can play free slot machine games. Such decision is sometimes puzzling for the inexperienced users. What is the purpose of such activities.

In fact, there are several benefits of the free play on the slot machine games:

  • For pleasure. The modern video slots are characterized by an exceptionally high-quality performance. The small victories are accompanied by an optimistic music chords. At big wins the user hears a pleasant jingle of the rolling coins. The free slots for fun only create a positive mood and lift the spirit;
  • For the sake of recreation. The psychologists say spin the reels – is a process that allows you to relax and “let go” the tension. It may seem a bit monotonous at first glance. But thanks to the regular entertainment, for the players is easier to get rid of stress. The free game eliminates the effect of the tension caused by the probability of the risk of losing the funds;
  • To familiarize with the video slot. The modern manufacturers offer sometimes quite intricate patterns. Even the detailed reviews do not always allow for the first time to understand the features of the game. How exactly the one-armed bandit Book of Ra 6 Deluxe with bonus creates the combinations? Try the free slot machine to play now! Test the machine without risk!;
  • For the analysis of strategies. As was mentioned before, the experienced users offer numerous methods of telling how to win on the one armed bandit. Does the similar technology work? Which way is better suited for a particular model? Finding your way in this situation will help free casino games.

Where to play book of Ra online casino for real money

You deal with all the subtleties of working with the slot machine Book of Ra Deluxe 6 and are ready to try your luck, making some real rates? An important aspect is choosing the right online casino group. In this case, you need to choose a licensed institution that can provide all the benefits of fair play and a decent bonus offers. The free gifts and additional credits on the deposit help without too much risk to your own finance test in fact, the selected machine and strategies.

Favorable conditions today offer:

  • Quasar Gaming Casino. Was founded in 2012, the institution licensed by Malta Gaming Authority. It is an official partner of Greentube, other well-known manufacturers. It offers up to $ 800 bonuses on the first few deposits;
  • Casumo Casino – Is the institution operating under the license of the UK and Malta. Founded in 2012, it offers an excellent selection of slots from different manufacturers. The users have a wide range of payment methods. At the registration is given a 200% bonus on a deposit up to $50. In addition, the player can get 200 free spins on the slot machine Starbust;
  • Star Games Casino. Founded in 2008, enjoys a reputation as one of the best online institution in Europe. It acts on the basis of the Maltese license. It is an official partner of Novomatic. It offers up to $100 on your first deposit.

The top casino list includes several dozen items. A detailed review of the casinos we present section Best online casino.

Mobile gambling machine Book of Ra Deluxe 6

Most licensed establishments offer the gambling created using the HTML5 code. The application of this technology allows without download play free on the slot machine Book of Ra 6 Deluxe for iOS and Android. Simply go to the page in the browser throw the mobile phone, and run the unit.

But the casino, based on the flash technology designed primarily for the PC, make it possible to play online slots iPad, offering a downloadable version of the software. This solution also has its advantages.

Performing a few simple measures will allow downloading Book of Ra on the mobile phone and create your “Own” video hall, providing access to the favorite entertainment regardless of the presence or absence of the connection to the Internet.

To understand the benefits of one or another decision, it is sufficient to learn the information section of the portal dedicated to the casino games for Android and iOS. The detailed descriptions of the various versions of modern devices allow easily compare the merits of the flash models and the advantages of mobile slots. And choose the entertainment that matches your preferences and possibilities.

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