Free Slot Machine - Apollo Rising


Apollo Rising slot machine The manufacturer embodied a good idea for those who like all unknown. Along with the heroes of Apollo Rising slot machine, the player will travel between the stars, searching for their incredible combination of pictures.

The color scheme of the game was thought out to the smallest detail, creating a sense of the existence of a special world on the computer monitor. The time spent at the gambling machine Apollo Rising; give a good mood not only for the winnings and bonuses. The beautiful graphics, funny pictures, and the “space” music, is all that adjusts to the desired fashion, distracting from the everyday worries.

Would like to pay special attention to the music, it is really a “space” theme that creates a good mood. In addition to the general background melodies, there are special noises, which reproduce the meteorites fall, humming rocket motor. The acceleration of the drums is accompanied by a special melody, similar to the one that is played in the movie when the spacecraft is flying between the stars.

Features of the design of the slot machine Apollo Rising

The control panel of the most on line slot machines is located at the bottom. However, in this case, the manufacturer decided to change the standards. In the Apollo Rising the dynamic part of the interface where spins five reels, is located on the left side of the screen, occupying a large area.

On the right is a set of buttons with which the player controls the entire process. Conventionally, they are divided into:

  • Statistics;
  • Regulators.

The statistics show information about the current balance, the size of bets, the number of active lines. The latter indicator refers to the statistical because it cannot be changed. Maybe it’s for the better because the possibility of winning is automatically attached to the position hundred.

The control buttons of the slot machine game are located on both sides of the window rate, they look like “+” and “-“. With their help, can be increased or decreased the bet size from one to thirty credits. To make the minimum bet on the maximum, you need to click on the little plus six times, but you can focus on some average amount.

The home key is located at the bottom right in the center of the interface. This start button rotates the drums. On the left, next to it there is another regulating key, it’s painted with the wrench. With its help increase the quality of the graphics. If the computer is not the most powerful and the game slowing, lower this indicator. This slightly degrade the image quality, simply will be viewed the individual pixels.

What symbols are and what they mean

In the game are involved such images:

  • The man-astronaut;
  • The girl astronaut;
  • The monkey-astronaut;
  • The dog-astronaut;
  • The letters A, K, Q, J;
  • The numbers 9 and 10.

The biggest prize is the coincidence of five guys astronauts, in this case, the rate will increase to three hundred times. If fall four pictograms, the rate is multiplied by a hundred, and if fall three by fifty. The calculation of other characters is:

  • Five girls astronaut: – 200, four – 80, three – 40;
  • Five monkeys astronaut: – to 150, four – 60, three – 20;
  • Five dogs astronaut: – 100, four – 40, three – 20;
  • Five letters A, K: – 80, four – 30, three – 10;
  • Five letters Q, J: – 60, four – 20, three – 10;
  • Five numbers 9 and 10, – 50, four – 15, three – 8.

Additionally, there is a Wilde character that rarely makes its own combination in this slot machines for free, falling on the reels only two, three and four. Its task is to become into the other favorable characters to you. It does this effectively when appearing on the screen it is expanded on the full drum, turning into a rocket and fly skyward.

One, two or three wild symbols provide the player free spins. After that the Wilde characters can appear again, creating additional opportunities for the bonus spins of the reels.

The slot game Apollo Rising is an interesting slot, to deal with the functionality that is easy, and the possibility of winning up to 96.33 percent.

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