Slot Machine - Battleship


Battleship slot machineThe slot machine Battleship has five drums, with three rows in which the pictures are placed and forty prize lines. The developer supplies the device with special symbols, free spins, bonus series and other “features”. There is not a game for doubling and a risk game.

The principles of the slot machine

The gamers are given the opportunity to choose one, five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty active lines, on each of which is placed the bet between one and two hundred credits. On one turn is accepted the rate up to eight million credits.

The winning combinations are considered a sequence consisting of three or more identical symbols. They are considered winnings only when they fall on an active line. If the sequence begins with the second reel, the combination does not count as a win-win.

The sum of payout is calculated in a standard way. The placed bet is multiplied by the coefficient of the line, which is a maximum of one and a half thousand. After the drums stopped the device automatically calculates the winnings on the lines and adds them to the main account. The developer states that the opportunity to win in the online slot machine Battleship is up to 96.82 percent.

Interface and symbols

There are the following elements on the control panel:

  • Spin, or rotation – the active button which spins the reels;
  • Line Bet – an active window in which is selected the size of the bet per line;
  • Line – the active window, where is set the number of active lines;
  • Total Bet – an information window where you can see the sum of rates based on the number of active lines;
  • Win – an information window in which the maximum winning sum is recorded;
  • Balance – the total balance of credits which are taken for rates and to which all winnings are added;
  • Auto Spin – automatic rotation of the wheels.

In the lower right corner of the slot machines free play, there is a button with a drawn wrench, by clicking on it the player can choose the quality of the graphics. When is this need it? If you have a powerful enough computer, lift this figure to the maximum and enjoy all the visual effects. It happens that the game slowing, in order to get rid of it, lower the level of graphics. The image will be a bit rougher, but will not produce much discomfort.

If you want to remember the payment rates and game rules, click on the button Paytable.

Symbols and their meaning

In the slot machine Battleship for free games online such symbols:

  1. Captain;
  2. The girl-pilot;
  3. A military doctor;
  4. Helicopter;
  5. Fighter aircraft;
  6. Numbers, and letters, similar to those used to describe playing cards.

The additional characters of the slot machines free play are the Wilde symbol in form of the battleship, and the Bonus with the inscription bonus. The battleship also plays the role of independent symbol, when falling three, four, and especially five in a single sequence the bet is multiplied by the largest coefficient – fifteen hundred.

When one wild symbol appears on the reel or on two reels, then it turns into the most favorable for the player image, thereby increasing his winnings. Often, these combinations can give twice the pay.

The bonus symbol does not bring any payouts. If is formed a combination of three, four or five bonus, it allows you to play a round named “Victory» (Victory).

Bonus game

The features bonus round consist of the following:

  • Before the player appears a field with ships;
  • It provides five projectiles automatically directed to different ships;
  • For the bonus symbols, the gamer also gets additional torpedoes;
  • Hit the ship? Get one of three bonuses: free spins (15), additional multipliers at the Free Spins (up to 5 units), bonus winnings (up to 25 bets).

After that, the won free spins are activated, with the same rate and the number of lines of the last round. When the reels stop, the winnings are credited to the balance.

The slot machine Battleship for free play is an entertaining flash game, with a theme which will suitable to those whose minds are occupied by the military strategies. But there is no need to strain strongly, the functionality is very simple, the game machine is more suitable for the entertainment and the distraction from the everyday life.

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