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Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play slot machineThe theme of the slot machine Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play is the world of expensive items, which includes precious stones and paintings of the great artist, sculptor, inventor, scientist, musician Leonardo da Vinci. The sounds that accompany the gameplay, is like the music of the Renaissance period, with an admixture of ringing jewelry. However, the design of the interface is not the most interesting in this slot.

Organization of gameplay in slot machine Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play

The online slot game has five reels and six rows of pictures. Every three rows are considered a separate game, but the drums here are common. For each screen are set twenty active lines, together they are forty. They are static.

On one separate line, you can put from one to fifty credits, as a result, the maximum rate in the round is two thousand coins. The biggest coefficient by which the bet is multiplied is five thousand, that is, at the very high settings in one rotation is likely to win ten thousand credits.

To win, the combinations have to start to line up from the first left reel and consist of at least three identical symbols. The payout is calculated as follows: the round rate is multiplied by the coefficient of the appeared sequence on the active lines.

The “Features” of the game in the Tumble Thru function:

  • After credited the winnings, the paid sequence “burned”;
  • In its place strewed other images;
  • They can make a winning combination too, which are paid again and “burned”, yielding place to new symbols.

This “cycle” without the participation of the player will continue as long as on the drums will remain no related images, which don’t bring a prize. Then is possible to make the next spin.

It’s curious, that the Tumble Thru is simultaneously applying to both screens, that is, on the lower part fall the symbols from the top.

The control panel of Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play

In fact, there is nothing to decipher, the interface of the video slot casino is intuitive. To simplify the understanding of the process:

  • Lines – the active line;
  • Line Bet – the number of bets per line;
  • Total Bet – the rate of a single round;
  • Win – the winnings of the rounds and for Tumble Thru;
  • Balance – the total balance;
  • Spin – spin the drums;
  • Paid – how many the player’s balance was credited;
  • Auto Spin – autorotation of the drums;
  • Wrench – the quality of graphics (four levels);
  • Paytable – the coefficients of the winning combinations, and short game rules;
  • Game Rules – rules of the game in more detail;
  • Speaker – disable sound effects.

How to understand the symbols

In a special sense here are needed only two symbols:

  1. Wild,

Firstly, it is not able to form its own sequences for payment, because its appearance is provided only on the second, third and fourth wheels. Secondly, its main purpose – to become the relevant for the payout symbol, makes combos on the active lines.

  1. Extra Paylines Bonus.

The name is long, the meaning is simple – when three of such images fall, give the player six free-spins. And there are the additional twenty pay lines that intersect both screens; a total of sixty active lines. The free spins can be extended if appear additional combinations of the Extra Paylines Bonus; however, there will not be more than three hundred per round.

Other characters:

  • Pictures – three portraits;
  • Precious stones – four type.

The payouts in the free slot game are made on them in a standard way, according to the coefficients in the Paytable.

In the slot video Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play the presence of two areas of the game is impressive; they at the same time complicate the process and make it more entertaining. And the Tumble Thru option, and additional lines when free-spins topped up with excitement, delaying even the experienced player, and making the gameplay much more profitable.

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