Slot Machine - Khepri The Eternal God

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Khepri The Eternal God slot machine

Khepri The Eternal God is a free slot machine on the Egyptian theme. Guys from Leander Games has turned out to create something original, where, it seems, all the ideas had been exhausted. Firstly, it is the choice of the protagonist, and secondly, the implementation of the curious features attract to the game.

How to play

There is a slot video with five reels and three rows of pictures. Here are not provided active lines, the winnings are provided by three identical symbols appearing on the adjacent reels. It is important that the first picture of this combo was on the first wheel to the left. There are two hundred forty-three winning combinations in the game.

The rates are in euro; you can bet from 0.30 cents to 15 euros on the round, and this sum will always be a multiple by thirty, for example, thirty, sixty, and ninety cents, one euro twenty cents, one euro fifty cents and so on.

The winnings in these free slot machines with free spins are calculated based on how many identical symbols have fallen – three, four, five, and it all depends on the cost of the combination. The combination’s coefficient multiplied by the bet, this is the winning sum. When falling more than one winning combination their payout is summed and added to the player’s balance. There is one character that acts according to individual rules, which we will describe later.

The control of the game

To manage the game on the casino slot video you should understand what represent the windows and the buttons on the control panel placed under the drums:

  • Help in the form of a question mark – “?” The rules and the coefficient for each combination;
  • Ways – the number of programmed combinations;
  • Total Bet – the bet on the round, clicking here the player sees a drop-down list where he can select the size of the bet;
  • Total Win – the winnings in the round;
  • The arrow on a green background – the rotation of the drum;
  • Autoplay – clicking on it, you will see a drop-down list, in which is offered from five to one hundred autorotation;
  • Balance – the state of the user’s account, here is credited the Total Win and is taken the money for the Total Bet

Under this series of keys and windows, we have an information line, which shows the Total Win. Below there is one line, where is displayed the Balance and the current Total Bet. Next, there are three buttons:

  • Gear – setting, which changes the speed of the rotation of the reels (three levels) and the quality of the graphics (four levels);
  • Speaker, where you can either disable the sound or remove individual sound effects;
  • Square – to put the interface in full screen.

Special symbols

Besides the standard images that form the winning combinations – the Eye of Horus, the cross, the symbol of the sun, owl, and letter, number ten, there is one special symbol – the Wild. He looks like a scarab beetle, and has unique features:

  1. Generates a winning combination, becoming a properly symbol;
  2. When appearing on the screen the wild symbol activates the free-spins, while the Wild does not disappear, and flies to the next drum, and then the next, until there is no drum left in the desired direction of flight. The free-spins will run as long as the wild symbol does not fly over the playing field, alternately sitting on each drum.

If on the reels of the online slot appear two or more wild symbols, they include additional multipliers that increase the payout of the winning combinations. The coefficients for the calculation in this situation are also given in the “Help”.

As a result of the efforts of Leander Games, this is an entertaining slot game Khepri The Eternal God. In it, everything is easy; do not need to spend a lot of time to get familiarized with the rules. Beautiful graphics, animation, and sound, which can be corrected, provide all the possibilities to have a great evening.

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