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Magic Building slot machine

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment building, you will be close to the theme of the slot machine Magic Building. The graphics are cartoonish, fun music, uplifting. Why in the game the building is called magic? This is for you, to be seen in practice!

How to play on slot machine Magic Building

The casino slot video Magic Building has five reels and 25 active lines, the number of which can be changed. The pictures fall into three rows, among them there are special characters that have the highest multiplier, and trigger the bonus game.

The paid combination – is three or more identical pictures standing from the first reel and more. The winnings are calculated multiplying the bet per line with the coefficient of the symbol combinations that appeared on the line. By clicking on Info, we can see these coefficients. For each line, you can bet from 1 to 10 cents, the maximum rate in the round is 2.5 euros and the minimum – 25 cents.

If on one line appears two or three paid combinations, only the older is counted. The winnings of all sequences are summed and automatically credited to the main account of the player – the Balance.

Now the gameplay:

  • Set the number of lines using the “up/down” arrows in the window Lines;
  • Define the size of the bet per line using the same arrows in another window Line Bet;
  • In the bottom right-hand corner clicking Spin, the drums began to rotate. They stop themselves, but if you do not want to wait, click once more on this key, which during the spin turns into Stop.

You can use the autorotation in this free slot game. To do this, set the number of lines and bet for them, under the window, select Autoplay number of automatic spins, using the buttons “up/down”, and press Start. Do you want to stop this process? Repeatedly press the same key, which is in the process of spins becomes Stop.

The Total Bet box reflects the sum in the round. It is calculated by multiplying the number of active lines for the rate established on each of them.

The balance´s condition is reflected in the bottom info line – Balance, to get the same information about the last winner – Win.

The top information line placed above the drums shows the number of winning combinations in the round, their remuneration and the overall payout on the active lines.

Symbols on the gambling machine

In the video slot casino machine, Magic Building are two kinds of pictures. The first – is ordinary characters, forming winning combinations. These include:

  1. The boy in glasses;
  2. The Girl;
  3. The Man;
  4. The Woman;
  5. Numbers and letters borrowed from the playing card symbols.

The most expensive in this slot machine for free play are the first and second characters if drop five on the line, the payout coefficient will be equal to 500. The numbers and letters are traditionally the cheapest; the maximum the bet is multiplied by 150.

The second type of character – special, they include Wild, Scatter, and Bonus.

Wild symbol – a boy in a cap – plays two roles:

  1. It replaces other pictures to form a winning combination;
  2. Creates its own winning combination when falling three symbols. The Wild – is the most expensive symbol, if fall five pictures on the line, then the multiplier will be equal to 1000.

The Scatter – the image of the dog – a cheap symbol, it maximum coefficient 150, but the payout for it is credited by the simple fact of the appearance in the field of three or more of such pictures. The scatter symbol does not necessarily form their own chain to obtain winnings.

When you see three or more Bonus symbols in form of the image of the elevator in any order, and position the round of free-spins or bonus game will start on the online slot.

Bonus game

Depending on the number of appeared bonus symbols, the player is given a certain number of free-spins:

  • 3 Bonus symbols – 10 free-spins;
  • 4 – 15;
  • 5 – 30.

The Bet on the free spins is the same as in the previous round. In the process of free-spins in the first drum of a certain character takes all three rows, becoming the original image for all combinations. Thus the probability of the formation of the winning combinations increases and the income of the bonus round is always more than the usual similar spins.

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