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Diamond Tower slot machine

Diamond Tower slot machine dedicated to the dream of a life of luxury and abundance. Already on the screen saver of the device are safes with diamonds; part of the safes are open, and the precious stones strewed out in a continuous stream. And this future can expect a player, because at this slot machine the winning combinations are counted in a particularly advantageous for the player way, and they are as many as 1024.

How to play in the slot machine Diamond Tower

Before you spin the reels, the player must place a bet. To do this, select:

  • The value of the credit;
  • The size of the multiplier.

The cost of credit is selected with the arrow keys “up” and “down” near the boards on the left side of the control panel. The player has five options of the cost of credit:

  • 0,2;
  • 0,5;
  • 0,1;
  • 0,25.

Each bet consists of 40 such credits. In addition, the player can select a multiplier of the bet in the range of 1 to 5. Thus, the maximum bet is 200 coins. What coin? Depends on the currency in which the casino accept bets (if the game is played with real money).

The balance, the number of credits that the player has, also depends on the selected cost of credit. When a player has established the minimum value is 25,000 credits, the maximum – 500.

The keys S and auto spin initiate a single spin or serial rotations, respectively. To stop a series of rotations, you need to press the same key again.

The winning is displayed in credits on the scoreboard «won».

Counting of the winning combinations

The prize combinations in this slot video are counted not on the principle of the “one-armed bandits”, where the characters have to stand side by side in a line. It’s enough that two, three, four or five identical symbols appear on the adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost. A winning combination can comprise two, three, four or five images. If in the drum has appeared two characters that form a combination with the other drums, the two combinations will be counted and paid. The total number of possible prize combinations on this machine – 1024.

Symbols and coefficients

As the characters are selected items that, as well as diamonds, are associated with the beautiful and rich life. They are:

  • Cabriolet;
  • Diamond necklace;
  • A glass of champagne;
  • Diamond (bonus);
  • Dog (apparently purebred);
  • Case with jewel.

After them, as usual, are the images of the card deck, from Ace to Nine. The most “profitable” symbol is a red car. He brings an increase in the bet from 2000 to 1000 times, depending on the chosen player multiplier. It is followed by a case with jewelry, dog, and glass, and necklace, the coefficients of the last two are the same.

Wild symbol

The girl peeping from behind the curtains is the Wild symbol here. This image can replace all the others, except the bonus to finish the winning combinations. Wild symbol only falls on the second and fourth wheels.

Bonus games

The developers of the slots games Diamond Tower offer players two interconnected bonus games.

Bonus Hold-N-Spin

If on the adjacent reels fall two, three or four images of the diamond with the word “bonus”, the bonus game Hold-N-Spin is triggered. When this, the images of brilliant will increase the winning 2000, 400, 200 and 80 times, if appear five, four, three or two diamonds, respectively. The bonus symbols become the padlock characters, while the drum with it will no longer rotate. The remaining drums rotate three times. If another drum is blocked, the others unlocked can rotate again three times. If a player manages to close all five reels before the bonus runs out of rotation, the second bonus game Break-In Bonus is activated.

Bonus Break-In

In this game, you need to select one of the doors for the highlighted row. Behind it can be a siren or a diamond. The diamond provides access to the next level and the new guessing door, the siren stops the selection process, the player receives the free spins and the multiplier corresponding to the achieved level. The maximum level in the free slots video will bring the player 12 free spins and 8 multipliers.

Free spins

During the free spins in the free slot machine video games is applied the bet of the round, in which they were won. During the free spins can be won another round of free spins, it will start after the first series ends. In the free spins is used a different set of reels.

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