Slot Machine - El Tesoro Pirata


El Tesoro Pirata slot machine

El Tesoro Pirata is a new slot machine by MGA. The game offers not only treasure but also sexiest ladies. So the background of the screen is a map sprawled across the captain’s table. In the video slot there is a single payline and only 3-reels to play. On the screen there are a number of buttons, information about winning combinations, prompts, some info about the bet. El Tesoro Pirata design was made in a classic style of old fashioned game machines.

MGA is popular with its own game style. The buttons and the screen look like from the real game machines.

How to play in El Tesoro Pirata slot machine

The video slot offers a lot of keys. Nevertheless, the game menu is a player-friendly:

  • “Collect” push button is used to collect the winning combinations;
  • a next blue key will give a lot of opportunities. First of all it helps to choose a number of spins. By the way, it opens the information menu. Here the language can be changed from Spanish to English. But in English version the titles and sounds are in Spanish. Also, there is a lot of information about gameplay, symbols and bonuses. At last, you can turn on/off sounds effects and “autorisk” status here;
  • “Auto” push button usually is used for spinning. It is working as long as you balance is full;
  • “nudges” – three yellow pins. This function can move the dumbs to collect a winning combs;
  • “bet” pin changes the number of the bet. Bets may be: 1 credit, 3 or 5, each of which have different returns attached to them. The top figure of 5 credits will get you the maximum payout of 600, provided you match the right tiles upon that 1 payline;
  • The “play” pin is the main in the game menu.

Bonus in  slot machine El Tesoro Pirata

There are two types of game round it MGA El Tesoro Pirata video slot:

  1. in the major round you may use two push buttons: the “play” pin for a risk game and the “collect” button for a general game;
  2. the upper round can be triggered when the user got the bonuses and hase enough money. Here the system is the same. The user should choose between two keys – “play” and “collect”.

Special symbols in El Tesoro Pirata slot by MGA

MGA usually uses only very traditional icons in all video slots machines:

  • the major icons are classic. There are fruits (lemons, strawberries, plums, oranges), old fashioned crystals, bells and gems. Fruits may be collected into combs for 3. For example 3 lemons, 3 plums and so on. Here you may get from 1 to 5 credits. The bells may be expected 6 credits. The gems combs win the biggest sum. The comb of 3 blue gems will bring you 1,000-credit big win;
  • also, there are special icons, for example bottle, map, skull coins, helms, chests and barrels. Three green bottles comb will give your the entry to some of the special features. The skull coins are bonus icons. The map icon is a wild symbol.

Mini games in El Tesoro Pirata

There are 4 bonus rounds in El Tesoro Pirata slot machine:

  • The round for free will be triggered if you get 3 green bottles;
  • you may open the roulette bonus game using the 3 helms from the upper game;
  • the chests game is triggered with 3 chests from the upper level;
  • the user will get the access to the cellar game having a comb of 3 barrels in the upper game.

Start the game and and enjoy old school play.

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