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Atlantic City Blackjack Gold slot machine

The Atlantic City Blackjack Gold table game with free bonus – is a great choice for the blackjack fans. The game machine of this popular card game was released by Microgaming after the huge success of the previous version, which had the same name, but without the prefix Gold. The device is perfect for those who have a wealth of experience in this board game entertainment, and for the beginners who only start comprehend its intricacies.

How to play on table game Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

The users for whom this game is new, it will be useful to visit the section of our website dedicated to blackjack. In general, the strategy is not particularly different from the classical one. The main goal of the player is to collect a combination of cards, the score of which is as close to 21. In the classical theory blackjack is called a combination of an ace and any card that has a 10 points value. The equivalents points for the cards in this video slot game are as follows:

  • Ace – 11 or 1, depending on the value that is advantageous to the player;
  • 10 to the King – 10;
  • Up to 10 – in accordance with the numerical denomination (twos – 2, six – 6, etc.)

The game begins with the fact that the participants are betting. In the slot game Atlantic City Blackjack Gold you can do so by selecting the appropriate chips dignity and placing them in the central cell of the field. It is marked with the inscription Place Bets. The game uses 4 kinds of chips:

  • 1 credit;
  • 5 credits;
  • 10 credits;
  • 25 credits

After the bets are made, you must press the Deal button that launches the hand. In the case, if the player or the dealer has a blackjack at once, the win is paid and the game ends. If the combination gives a total less than 21 points, you can do one of three manipulations:

  • double the bet;
  • surrender;
  • take an additional card

The latter procedure should be approached with caution. There is a risk to take a card which that will exceed 21. Any participant in the game, who has on the hand a combination with the amount that exceeds 21, automatically loses. The player has an advantage because one of the dealer’s cards is open. If the dealer and the user’s hands are on the same amount, it is declared a draw.

Additional manipulation on the game machine

If a player chooses the function to double on the online slot, in his cell with the bets is placed a number of chips, equivalent to the already placed. On the hand is given one more card. The split is a very reasonable function in the machine Atlantic City Blackjack Gold. It is available if on the player’s hand two cards of the same value. The user must press the Split button. In this case, one hand is divided into two, for each card is given one more and each combination is considered separately.

When dividing the player makes a bet equal to the already made. If during the split a pair is re-formed, it too can be divided. In the case, when the player sees a low chance of winning, he can surrender. To do this, press the Surrender button, after that, to the user will return a half of his bet.

If one of the dealer’s open cards is an Ace, the player may be offered insurance. In a separate field is placed the user chips equal to the half of the amount wagered. In case of loss, the insurance will be returned to the player in the amount of 2 to 1.

The design of the game machine

The game got its name in honor of the eponymous gambling zone in the United States. On our website, there is a section dedicated to the gambling business in Atlantic City. On this page, you can learn a lot of useful information. The slot machine for free play Atlantic City Blackjack Gold has an interface that simulates a casino table, covered with green cloth. In the center is the cell for betting, and on the sides – for the hands. The central circular button is used to place the bets. In the upper left corner, there is a display which shows the current rates. When you hover over it a window with a short description of the rules is opened.

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