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Gold Rush slot machine

In the beginning of 19th century seeking for adventures, money and fortune people traveled to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other regions. Their goal were gold mining and the theme of free slot machine Gold Rush by Playson is dedicated to this significant historical epoch. Symbols, interface design, music – all these decorations were set to move the hero into those times when people had to work hard and dig deep and when they could find an opportunity to become rich everywhere.

On this page we provide detailed review of gameplay, bonuses and symbols of Gold Rush online slot. We are also glad to share with you some useful tips about how to win playing slots and have honest conversations about how to beat slot machines. Are you ready to great gambling action? Well, join us right now.

Interface and menu in free slot machine Gold Rush

Structurally, presented slot game consists of 5 reels, 9 paylines and 11 symbols. Paylines numeration is displayed from both sides of playing field while under it there is a menu panel that includes the full set of optional buttons. They all play important part in betting and deserve the closest attention:

  • Although Lines button is presented in menu it doesn`t allow to change number of active betting lines as it is usually done in major part of slots. In this particular game there are 9 lines which are always active and unalterable;
  • Unlike previous option Line Bet button is supplied with 2 point arrows which help to regulate amount of stake player wants to select per one line. The minimum available wager for one line is 0.03 coins, maximum one is 5 coins;
  • In this free slots games online Max button is used to put the highest possible wager accepted in the slot – 5 coins on 9 paylines that is equal to 45 credits (total bet value is displayed in corresponding same-named window located above menu panel);
  • In right bottom corner there is a round spin button responsible for launching separate individual spin. Press it once and get the reels triggered for once;
  • Leftwards from Spin button there is a small window with capita A letter which stands for Autoplay. Next to it there are 2 point arrows used to choose number of automatic spins from 5 to 999. When the spins are launched click X button (it appears instead of A) to stop them;
  • Like in most of casino free slot machine icon marked with i letter opens Paytable sections which reveals detailed information about symbols value, winning lines and combinations scheme, bonus features, general rules and gameplay conditions.

Generally speaking, the interface is very usable and player-friendly and even new gamblers will find it handy and understandable.

Symbols overview

Experienced gambler knows card symbols if they are presented in slots Paytable are always of the lowest value. In these terms Gold Rush slot review is not an exception – in its arsenal it has cards rated as 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace  which acquire the following denominations:

  • Winning chain of symbols completed from 3 – 5 consequently landed 10s cost very little – from 3 to 75 credits respectively;
  • Playing Gold Rush casino slot for fun conjunction of Queen and Jack symbols landed on chosen betting line brings 5 – 150 credits depending on symbol`s number;
  • Jack icon grants 100 credits for winning line completed from 5 consequently landed Jacks;
  • Ace is the most rewarding card as it can increase player’s bankroll with up to 300 credits for 5 icons appeared on selected betting lines in certain order;
  • The image of gentleman in black velvet and bird in cage have higher ranks that cards. If 3 – 5 identical symbols from this group appear on reels placed next to each other on selected payline player gains a nice reward which varies within 20 – 750 credits respectively;
  • Playing this slot games on the internet picture of greedy goldminer is the most well-paid regular symbol in the game – combination completed from 3-4 images of gold digger maybe won’t impress some players as they cost not more than 200 credits, but 5 symbols appeared in consequent position will please everybody because their price reaches upon 1500 credits.

The first page of Pay Table also displays the winning combinations schemes – check these pictures to learn about successful location of symbols. Further pages describe the conditions of bonus rounds and symbols which observation will be started in the next paragraph.

Bonus symbols and features

The second page of Info section contains all necessary information player has to take into consideration. The box with Trinitrotoluene chemical compound (TNT abbreviation) brings 1 dynamite stick appearing on reels, when 10 sticks are landed free games round is started.

Truck with Click Me Bonus lettering determined the start of bonus game in course of which player has to choose one of the wagons and get his guaranteed prize usually featured in free slots with bonus games:

  • Wagon with gemstones pays 12x total bet multiplier. Note, that value of final prize depends on current stake size too;
  • Wagon with gold – 7x total bet multiplier;
  • Wagon with silver – 4x time total bet multiplier.

Exploding mechanism is expanding Wild symbol that means that it expands on the entire reel on which it appears and creates new winning combos. In addition this symbol increases the payout x1.35 total bet amount.

How to beat a slot: true facts and tips

When the gameplay details are already clarified we can proceed to more entertaining part of our review – discussions of methods which help to cheat slot machines. Or do they really can? Some people demonstrate unprecedented enthusiasm when it comes about such kind of tricks while the other do not believe in them at all. Who is right here? Let`s weight all the advantages and disadvantages and make a reasonable conclusion.

Remember, that it is impossible to beat casino slot machines without changing their system settings. Do not know how to do this but have strong desire? Well, there are plenty of detailed instructions on web, besides, we can also give some advices. First, get access to slots firmware and change the odds, Then, insert a chip with bug in flash module. Be careful not to break the machine and of course do it unnoticed, Not so easy, right? And not so necessary by the way.

The previous paragraph was about real land based casinos but what is the situation with online games? We guess, it is even much more difficult because players haven’t got any physical access to slot but have to change settings regulated by online gambling site software. It sounds really absurd, if you are not genius, of course,

Every gambler should know one important fact – all online slots free use RNG (random number generator) system to predict spins results. When spin button is pressed, the program starts completing the spins result in the same second, in other words, when you trigger the reels, the outcome is already known, and there is no need to think over the moment when they should be stopped. The RNG system is not subjected to any laws of cyclicity and absolutely no calculations can take place here.

Myths about slot machines

To have some fun, we suggest to your attention top 10 amusing myths about slot machines and everything related to them:

  • Put only hot coins in slot machine because they increase your winning chances in comparison with cold ones – perhaps the silliest top 1 myth which is really hard to be explained;
  • The location of slot machines at casino. It means that casino owners intentionally place the most paying one-armed bandits in the corners while the most unprofitable are in the easiest access;
  • When casino first opens its doors to players it pays more in order to attract more guests;
  • Casino personnel have an information about what slot machines are losing and what are paying;
  • Variable betting systems help to win more;
  • The house edge is lower with casino club cards;
  • The speed and manner of making the stakes can affect the results;
  • Imagine you were playing casino slot emulator, haven’t won anything and left it. In some minutes other player begins to gamble it and… wins a jackpot. The misconception is the following: never think you would hit that prize too if you were him. The results are random, don`t forget about it;
  • It is possible to predict the odds by counting the symbols on each reel;
  • The slot machine that hasn’t produced any winning combinations for a couple of hours will obviously land a great reward.

How to play slots with more benefit

Now you are familiar with the most widespread myths and misconceptions about slot machines and it is time to discover some tips that really make your gambling more engaging and rewarding. Follow the advices and check how they will help you on practice:

  • RTP (return to player) rate is significative that really matters, Choose online slots to play with RTP higher than 93% (like slots powered by Novomatic software) and you’ll be enjoying the wins more frequently;
  • Give a favor to simple slots with standard symbols and features and do not get carried away by complicated long lasting bonus rounds full of video animation;
  • The more symbols in the game, the less payouts it gives;
  • Play slots in free mode before to bet real money;
  • There are too many slots with promotions, so do not hesitate to make benefit from them. Use your given number of free spins or credits to enjoy the game more;
  • Do not forget about welcome bonuses: each decent casino site rewards new players with them providing additional money or spins on best casino slots;
  • Unlike the number of symbols, high number of paylines is good characteristic. As we know, betting line is also counted as winning ways, so the slots with 243 winning ways, for example, promises to be more rewarding than standard 5 payline gaming machine;
  • Give a favor to slot machines with progressive jackpots.

Slots` theme and history.

As it was mentioned in the beginning of this review and as it is quite understandable from the title, the theme of Gold Rush slot is inspired by gold mining movement started in the end of 18th century and lasting until now in some regions. The nature of this process is very similar to gambling because its essence is testing of fortune when you can become rich in very short period of time having only some pennies in your pocket.

This theme is revealed in slots online game design, symbols and musical background. The images of mines, trucks, explosives and gold seekers plunge the player into the atmosphere of risk and adventures.

The Gold Rush slot was released by Playson company in 2011 and has a mobile version available for iOS, Android and Windows phones platforms. Among the advantages of this game is quite high RTP rate 95, 79% and availability of lucrative bonus rounds. In fact, the developers dedicate this game to California gold rush when first gold mine was found in 1858 by James W. Marshal. Just imagine, more than 300, 000 people came to California for US and abroad to find their lucky mine. However, this process also had its negatives: it opposed the principles of environmental protection causing much harm and native Americans were sent off their lands.

In any way, this slot will appeal to those players who like historical plots, adventurous themes, variable bonus rounds and handy gameplay elements. Free demo version of the game is presented on this page. To make real cash bets, register account in one of Playson online casinos.

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